Happy Birthday Sophie!

Sophie celebrated her first birthday on Monday and her sweet parents threw an awesome party!! It made me excited to start thinking about Camp's.....in 5 months and 3 days! (ahhhh I don't want to think about it quite yet!!!!)

I can't believe that Sophie is already 1! I remember getting the call that she had arrived and then going to see her in the hospital.
It was so surreal. We went out to dinner with Micah and Danielle only two nights before and now they had a baby!! I was pregnant with Camp, but didn't even know he was a boy yet. I just couldn't believe that I'd be sitting in the hospital five months down the road with my little munchkin!
And now she's ONE!
And Camp's almost 7 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!
Ok enough of the reminiscing....Here are some fun pictures.

Camp after a night of celebrating!
I think he was already asleep by the time the car shifted from park to drive!
Thanks for the great party! We had such a fun time!

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