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Wow. Seven months crept up on me! Doesn't it seem like I just did Camp's six month pictures?? Yikes. He's getting so big so fast!
  • He's sitting up to play, in the high chair, and in the shopping cart.
  • He's getting up on all fours and rocking.
  • He's "smelling the flowers" and will do it after we do it.
  • We think he's starting to wave. (He's definitely waving. Mary came over tonight and he waved to her!)
  • He does not like when we leave the room.
  • He loves food and we call him a chow hound. He's even eating some big boy foods such as, bananas and Cheerios. He has tried guacamole and LOVES that too!!
  • I'm still nursing.
  • He likes to kick and can turn on his Baby Einstein mirror in the car. He likes to kick a lot when I'm changing his diaper and getting him dressed too!
  • We still love him more than anything in the whole world!!!!!!

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