We had a great Easter filled with family and tasty food! We ate lunch at Meg & Billy's gorgeous home and enjoyed the afternoon. Camp had lots of fun with his great Aunt Melody. He hadn't seen her since before Christmas, but he sure took a liking to her!! He cuddled with her for hours and even took a nap in her arms.

Auntie Carrie Anne

Sweet Rachel Grace

Barrett enjoying a cupcake.

Easter bunny cupcakes that I attempted from Hello, Cupcake.


the heller family said...

Lane! The cupcakes are incredible! Great job! It looks like a photo straight from a cookbook.

Mama Byrd said...

Move over, Martha Stewart, there's a new girl in town!

Carrie Anne said...

Not only were those cupcakes as cute as can be, they were deeeelicious! Thanks for putting up the one of me and Camp :) i love it

Meredith said...

hey lady - i didn't even make the connection that you were related to Joe & Melody - i used to know them when i was younger and i should've known b/c Adam favors Joe so much! i love melody & joe - they are really neat people. and the cupcakes are adorable