Do We Have a Crawler?

Nah....not quite. But look at his form! He's getting so big! Oh and check out the new mat for the playroom! I've searched and searched and finally found a decently priced one at Toys R Us. It's exactly what I wanted for this room. It's great for Camp to play on and it's nice and padded for those nose dives he takes! And why do I see Toys R Us in such a different light now that I have the little buddy? I looked at everything and wanted to get it for Camp! They had all of the fun summer things out....bubble machines, wagons, slides, pool toys. I'm probably going to regret saying this someday, but I'm so excited to take Camp to a toy store!

Look at this picture!! I'm sooooo in love with it. I got it in the mail today and I stop and stare at it every time I walk by. Meredith Russell took this and I just think it's brilliant.

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