Happy Two Months, Camper!!

2 months

2 months

1 month

1 week

Who's absolutely head over heels in love with this precious baby??!! WE ARE!!!!!!! Wow, what a difference two months make! I think he's actually bigger than Beary now! It's neat to look back and see his growth. We know he's getting bigger, but when we see him everyday, it's hard to tell how much. Before I took the 2 month pictures this morning I thought that he wouldn't look much different from his 1 month. :)

We are getting very excited for the beginning of Camp's first holiday season! We are eating Thanksgiving dinner with Adam's family and then heading up to Thomasville to visit with Nina, Papa, Aunt Vicki, Uncle Oscar, Trey, & Colleen. Mama Byrd, Trip, and Chandler will be there too!


Mama Byrd said...

Mama Byrd is absolutely head over heels in love with the boy! Can't believe he's bigger than Beary!!

Harris Family said...

Camp is filling in so nicely! He is so so cute. Thanks for the comment on my blog-and to answer your question...no 5 months is not the magical number. With my son we did it at six months. We just chose 5 months for Halli cause we were all getting no sleep and had to do something!! I read in a parenting magazine that by the time they are 4 months old they can go 12 hours at night without eating so we went for it!
Anyways...it's nice to be able to see how you are doing. I just love blogs!