Happy One Month, Little Buddy!

(Danielle suggested that I post the previous month's picture as well for a little comparison...good idea!)
Can't believe he's one month today!! Everyone tells us how fast time flies, but it really does. We go for his one month check up tomorrow and I'm so excited to see how much he weighs and how long he's getting. I forgot to give Donna the shout out last time I posted the picture of Camp & Beary, but she gave this to Camp. She got one for Chandler 14 years ago. Chandler and her Beary were inseparable! I'm sure that will be the case with Camp and this precious bear too!

Micah & Adam with their matching babies! :) We need another picture with the diaper bags and with the Dads smiling and actually looking at the camera!

Life is rough.

His first real bath and he really enjoyed it!

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