Cute Baby!

That's what the UPS guy said when he delivered Camp's pack and play today. (It's here...FINALLY) And boy is he right!! This little buddy gets cuter and cuter everyday! We had a fun day of errands today. We went to get my "pushing prize" sized. Be on the lookout for that post when I get it back. We also went up to the Women's Pavillion today to drop off a little gift to our labor & delivery nurse, Leah. Camp and I got to go back to labor & delivery and it was so weird to be back there again and see all of the rooms. It definitely brought me back to that night 4 weeks ago when Adam and I walked back very excited and VERY nervous. Here are a few pictures of the little buddy that I took today. Enjoy!

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Mama Byrd said...

Can hardly wait to see the little guy tomorrow. Do I detect a little more meat on his bones? Soooo precious!!