Who Does Camp Look Like?

We just got back from the 4D ultrasound and we ended up getting some good shots of our little buddy. For about the first 15 minutes he had both arms covering his face and I didn't think we were going to get anything! I got up and walked around for a while and he finally moved his arms. He decided to turn around at one point and then the cord was in front of his face, but we got some cute ones. I think he looks like me, especially my nose. One thing is for sure is that he looks absolutely precious!! The nurse said ONCE AGAIN that his hands and feet are big and she said his fingers are long. She said she saw a little hair too. I can't wait to meet our little guy in less than 12 weeks!


micah, danielle, sophie, and angus said...

sophie and i were just checking out her new friend. she told me she thinks he is cute! seriously he is adorable! i think he looks more like you. i need to really check out each feature. you should break out you and adam's baby pictures if you have not already done so.

Shannon, EJ and Gabe said...

aww cute...I love 4D ultrasounds! 12 weeks will be here before you know it. I hope your having a great summer :-)

Micah, Danielle, Sophie, and Angus said...

I never saw the real pictures last night! Next time I see you I want to see them!