Such is Life!

Well I went to school yesterday to find out that two of my students have Fifth Disease aka Parvovirus B19. This was one of the illnesses that I was warned about at our first ob appointment. So needless to say I was a little on edge....especially when I found out that I would then have to get blood work done. After reading many books and talking to several nurses, there really shouldn't be much threat to the baby, but of course I'm a nervous wreck! I go to the dr. tomorrow for my 16 week check up so I'm ready to bombard him with questions and concerns. Hopefully the blood work will be back by then and I can be assured. I'm also hoping that I had this when I was younger and I'm already immune to it. My mom can't really remember. She knows that one of us had it, but just can't remember who! :) So maybe I've already been exposed to it and I've built up antibodies. I think if the baby were to be affected by the illness, it would have problems with anemia. Lets just pray that I didn't contract it and that I don't have to worry about the slight chance the baby did as well!

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Beth said...

You and the baby will be FINE- th pictures of health!!